Welcome! Android 11 With More Features

android 11
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Welcome! Android 11 

Quick Glimpse 

  •  Supports 5G (NR) Networks
  •  Firmware updates via Play Store
  •  Supports HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format)
  • Supports Ethernet Tethering
  •  Trash Can (Like Recycle Bin)
  •  Dedicated Permissions to each Apps
  • Improved Voice Assistants
  •  Bubbled Notifications (Like iOS)
  •  Auto-typing Credentials (Password/Logins)

Take a Look 


Well, there are almost 100 New Features but we just covered only some of the highly anticipated ones. Recently Google has released Beta 3 and it is about one step closer to the final Beta 4 and a public release of finalized version in Mid-August to Mid-September. the Beta 3 addressed many bugs and issues like forced Camera shutdowns and Battery drainage bug. the vigorous testing phase is at somewhere put hold due to ongoing COVID and blacks Protest across the United States as well as a global scale.

Improved Upgrade Policies

Android Development team initially made beta testing program to all pixel device users and some of the other Vanilla Android Flagships. As many of the hardware makers have began started to cook their firmware with respect to Android tweakings. With the seamless update of “Project Mainline” introduced in Android 7 (Nougat), Upcoming 11 will be more promising in faster and better adaptability in terms of Firmware updates and Security patches. And also recently Samsung releases their Update policy on its newer devices that they can provide OS upgrades up to 3 years and Security Patches up to 4 years. Looks like “Sounds Good!”.

android 11


As previously quoted in some of the highlighted features, the noticeable one is “HEIF”. It’s the new image rendering technology able to store images in a highly/Lossless compressed format in original resolutions. And talking about Display technologies, higher refresh rates and supported color grades were increasing drastically regardless of OS coz they were primarily up to hardware. Refresh rate clocked into 120hz of 90fps supported games/apps. Color Grades were peaked into 1B(Billion) from 16M(Millions). Last but least, Doze mode – Kills unnecessary background apps that consume battery.

Still Lacks

One of the major missing features as we still addressing is that upgrade policy like iOS because they’re getting OS updates up to 5 years regardless of devices which is absolutely Unique. As far as concerned, the Privacy issues and data thefts always occur due to the loopholes in OS. Android hardly fixes these issues but it’s worthless as day to day new threats and data breaches are occurring frequently. Let’s see what Android 11 holds in their Pan.

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