Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers

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Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers :


Pcloud is best suitable for storing multimedia files. Initially, you’ll get 10GB of free storage and additionally, you can get 10Gb by referencing other users. It has file sharing capability with encrypted form and user pointed Expiry (Time limits).


Cons :

  • Encryption features only to premium users.
  • No productivity Suites supported.


It offers Basic free storage up to 15GB and an additional 35GB can be availed by referencing other users into their platform. It is best suitable for sharing or hosting large media files such as Movies.

Mega cloud


  • Moderate Speed rate. 
  • File Viewing isn’t too good.

Yandex Disk 

Yandex offers some descent plans up to 1TB of storage and free storage of 15GB with an additional 20GB by adding Referrals. Yandex is supported in almost all platforms like MAC, Android, Windows, and iOS.

yandex disk


  • Privacy Issues.
  • Weak Security Encryptions.


is an enormous cloud storage platform that offers up to 100GB of free storage, Great isn’t it. It can mostly be used by app hosters and pirated movie hosting services due to its generous services. Premium plan can offer up to 20TB of storage.



  • Upgrade costs too much.
  • No productivity Suite support.


Last, but not least…MediaFire is a familiar platform that we have encountered many times during movie downloads. Of course, it is famous for its media file hosting and sharing. Inbuilt privacy made it more secure and trustable cloud storage among others. 10GB free storage and 49GB additional by referrals.Top 5 Free Cloud Storage



  • Limited security features.
  • Moderate Access features.

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