World’s Fastest Internet,Speed of 178Tbps in London

Speed of 178Tbps world fastest Internet in London
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World’s Fastest Internet,Speed of 178Tbps in London

University College London have set a new world record fastest internet in the world 178Tbps that is 178,000Gbps you can download anything within one second. In India minimum speed is 2Mbps available on all commercial broadband services and maximum offering as 1Gbps. The world’s fastest internet is 178,000 times faster compared with the India internet.

In Australia

The earlier fastest internet in Australia was 44.2Tbps Now this one four times faster. so by using this internet you can download from NETFLIX Library within one second.

The Project was conducted by Dr. Lidia Galdino from the royal academy of engineering,xtera, and kiddi research. Speed of 178Tbps world Fastest Internet.

Internet Current Infrastructure

For the current infrastructure of the place of the internet, we use bandwidth is 4.5THZ and for commercial use, 9THZ bandwidth in some of the markets and super-fast internet we use 16.8THZ get speed up to 128Tbps. All this is an experimental purpose and this technology only not going put into commercial use may become at any time don’t be excited.

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