Samsung’s 5G/6G Visions

samsung 6G
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Samsung’s 5G/6G Visions 

Past and Present

It’s been a while since we did upgrade to 4G(LTE) lineups…these standards have been adopted worldwide since 2009 began with Sweden & Norway. with the higher rate of transmissions and low latency, it’s peak download up to 100+mbps. And it has paved a way to foster the future of technologies in IoT and mobile gadgets to Internet television.

Wait!, What? 

Isn’t something weird!…that we still stuck on these irregular 4G networks in our region but Korea/Taiwan/China was aiming a far more fidelities called 6G (Next-Gen Revolution).

yes, it is…it’s in the works of trial launch and ITU (International telecommunication union) Standardization. Some of the ongoing technologies related to 5Gs are AR(Augmented Reality) & VR(Virtual Reality).

What it is likely to be 

Theoretical Speed rate of 5G is up to 20Gbps which is 10 times more than it’s predecessor (4G). For example, at this rate downloading a movie takes just 10 to 15 seconds. In India, the average speed of 4G is equal to the average speed of 3G in other countries. Still, network operators rely on indoor and outdoor reception variations. A Hyper Network is still a dream for many developing countries.


Following the commercialization of 5G, Industries have initiated the researches into 6G technologies as it is vital to nations’ growth and dominance over the globe, it is more than innovation to prestigious goals to them. as the United States rushes towards newer and farther to deep driven technologies like AI, it needs more than 5G. And that’s why it is reasonable to expect 6G to satisfy the mounting demands and requirements.

So, When

Not only Samsung, but it’s also the main competitor was Nokia Communications and Ericsson Communications. they have already engaged in diversified researches and developments. South Korea and Japan will be the first countries to adopt 6G. As per the reports, the Commercialization of 6G will take place in 2025.Samsung’s 5G/6G Visions

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