Next Generation Microprocessors

Next Generation Microprocessor
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Next-Gen Microprocessors 


According to the Reports, TSMC (Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has won major contracts. Seven major customers were ordered bulk purchasing of 5nm wafers for their 2021 Flagship devices. Confirmed customers were “AMD” / “Apple” / “Qualcomm” / “Intel” / “Nvidia” / “MediaTek” / “Bitmain”. Also, Samsung has recently lost its Contract of Qualcomm chips to TSMC, which will shift its Risk production to Scale production.


One of the most highly anticipated chip is Apple’s Upcoming Bionic A14. Still, there were only a few months left for a formal announcement, incoming leaks suggest that the A14 powered iPhone 12 will have +40% (CPU) & +50% (GPU) performance hypes. Also, some insisting feature is A14 may reach 3.1Ghz for the first time, it’s an insane leap in microprocessor technology. And we can surely say Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 (2021) won’t be that powerful. in our view, maybe 875 is up to 10% less power than Apple’s A14.


Roadmap for 3nm & 2nm or 1.5nm were also been compiled by Intel Corp. to TSMC. Intel hints that they achieved 1.5nm productions before 2029. Apple also confirms that they were expecting their 2nm productions in 2024. TSMC has stated FinFET Process eases the transitioning of each node. Amid bans from the United States and the United Kingdom have forced Huawei to abolish their In-house Production of Kirin Microprocessor and they have to fabricate ARM-based processors with the help of TSMC.

Impacts on Smartphones

One of the Significant impacts on a smartphone is reduced power consumption, lesser node size means lesser Tweakings per mah (Million amperes per hour) because it’s always been a critical issue that hardware manufacturers facing and it may be resolved with the introduction of smaller node process. Another front line is “Spectrum Receptors”, it will enable us to a maximum Download rate at 7Gbps and Upload rate at 3Gbps and beyond. Increased Reception & low latency is always a foremost priority in these areas and thus we getting it each by each. Next-Gen Microprocessors.


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