Will Fuchsia Replace Android?

Will Fuchsia Replace Android
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Will Fuchsia Replace Android? 

Focused Addressing :

  • Cross-platform OS,
  • High-Performance Apps (120fps),
  • Vulkan Graphics,
  • Vertical Scrolling,
  • Seamless Updates,
  • Customized Kernal (Zircon),
  • Written in modern languages (C/C++/Dart/Go/Rust/Python).

 Project Fuchsia 

Google revealed that they were developing a new OS for Cross-platform support and once it released, it will some of the missing features in Android. I may suggest it is entirely focused on filling the gaps or some of the Android criticism. as it first appears in Github, developers were serious about this project. we may expect it is the combination of Android OS + Chrome OS. Written in major modern languages as mentioned above.

Key Features 

User Interface

Coming to the UI/UX, the material design we expect from Google may vary because it is already defined to heavily modified. one of the weirdest things is it has “Vertical Scrolling”. Another one is we may expect bundled of “Google feed” in it. Last but not least, Google Flutter focused component.

Will Fuchsia Replace Android

 Zircon Kernel 

Unlike from Linux based kernel, it is based on “Micro-kernel” known as “Zircon” named from element “Zirconium”. which is usually intended for “Embedded Systems“. Combining capability is expected from this kind of Architecture. which makes it even more prone to seamless updates.

Will Fuchsia Replace Android


From reports, it is expected that Fuchsia supports some higher frame apps from 120fps, which is utter butter smooth like gaming experience. The Vulkan-based graphics engine is enabled to Fuschia called “Escher“. it is must and much needed for heavy material themes and volumetric shadows support.


Integration of Google AI-based services like Google Assistant, AR/VR experiences is enhanced and dived deep more in fuchsia. Google Assistant will use Fuchsia as a testing platform for implementing updates to external such as Android/Chrome os. Smart replies & Auto-Predictions were hot topics in fuchsia forums.

Will Fuchsia Replace Android


Since it supports the Cross-device platform, it is available on major platforms like phones, embedded, hand-held assistance, etc. distributed storage systems is beneficial to this. some of the developers hint that it is not a toy project and it is intended for major replacement or backup OS in the future.

Will Fuchsia Replace Android

Status Quo 

As of now, it is open to public beta & official Documentation were available on a dedicated website. soon Google may reveal launch date and availability of platforms. Will Fuchsia Replace Android let’s wait for it!.

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