Is Twitter in TikTok’s Buyout 

Twitter to buy tik tok
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We all already knew that Tiktok’s buyout is a hot topic right now.  after amid pressure from President Trump, Bytedance(Tiktok Parent company) is forced to sell their platform to any of the U.S firms, there is only a month left to negotiate this deal or Bytedance have to face the complete ban in the United States.

for the past reports, Microsoft Corp. is in the talk of potential buy-out but here is what it is. A new player in this game, Twitter Inc. also has expressed their wish to purchase Tiktok. Even though the Social Entertainment platform isn’t new for Twitter bcoz it already owns the popular Platform called Vine a video sharing platform but it’s a little bit tough for this kinda deal.

But still, Microsoft saw as the lead in the competition. And also it seems to be a nice spot for Twitter to regain and conquer the video-sharing platform bcoz it’s the Vine platform isn’t much praised and yet to about fail. the pinpoint of this matter is not just about the U.S but some of the European countries and Asia-Pacific regions have the same impact as India did. the deal itself is about to cover these mentioned regions.

An interesting fact is neither of the internet Giants and tech firms didn’t show up in purchasing it like Google, Facebook or Apple. even though they’ve much aware of how much global scale it covers and it’s potential valuation over the course. some issues and criticism also giggling around two of the participants, Microsoft’s staff, Investors, and even it’s Co-founder/Ex-CEO, Bill Gates isn’t much happy and approvable to this potential purchase.


Currently, Tiktok is valued at about $30B which is over 2Lakh Crore in INR. And the deadline to negotiate the deal is September 5. let’s see what it holds.

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