Interesting Biography of Sundar Pichai Google CEO

Interesting Biography of Sundar Pichai
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He was born on 10 June 1972. He belonged to a Middle-class family along with a range of compromises in Tamil Nadu.

He is a Huge Cricket Fan. Back in School Days, he Was the Captain of the School’s Cricket Team.

He did Metallurgical engineering From IIT, Kharagpur & Post Graduated from Stanford University in Material Science & Engineering.

In Order to send Sundar to the USA, his Father Helped hum by Withdrawing more than his Annual Salary from the Family Savings.

Interesting Biography of Sundar Pichai Google CEO

After post-graduation, he worked as an Engineer & Product Manager at ‘Applied Materials ‘ – a Silicon Valley Semiconductor Manufactures. Later on, he left that Job & Joined Wharton of the University of Pennsylvania, to earn his MBA in 2002. After that, he joined McKinsey & Company as a Management Consultant.

He left the job also & took a jump, Which changed his fortune totally. He joined Google in the year 2004.

He was the Product Manager & also lead the innovation efforts for a range of products and was also among the peoples for the creation & the Success of Google Drive.

He had an idea that Google must develop its own browser, Which he pitched in front of Co-founders then they agreed & the project was handed over to him.

Interesting Biography of Sundar Pichai Google CEO

Finally in 2008 Google Chrome was launched. Pichai became the Vice President of Product Development in the same year.


Twitter approached him in order to convince him to join their board as Vice President of Products & was also Considered to Become the next CEO, Later on. On the other side, he was also being considered as the CEO of Microsoft after Steve Blamer.

Due to this Google was having fear of losing key-person & On 10th August 2015, he was appointed as the CEO of Google.


PM Narendra Modi Visited the newly appointed CEO of Google, where Modi was Explained about Navigational, Safety, and other uses of street view. Sundar also informed him about broadband connectivity, via Mediums like WiFi Hotspot at 100 Railway station, Later on, which will be expanded to 400 Stations.

Interesting Biography of Sundar Pichai Google CEO

Sundar Pichai is a true Example of a Gentleman :

As he Married his College love Anjali who was there with him. When he didn’t achieve anything. They have two children.

He has a net worth of $600 Million.

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