Google plans to separate changes to Chrome and Chrome OS

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Google has decided to make the end of OS updates for a Chromebook by separating browser updates from Chrome OS updates. 

If you are going to buy a Chromebook it’s important to see a manufactured date and expiration date, because after the expiration there are no updates for Chromebook users.

Every 45 days or more google gives updates for Chrome with some new features apart from the features they give security updates for your PC and laptops to keep secure while browsing.

For android phone, users are other desktop users it may be easy to update Chrome. But for Chromebook users, the version of Chromebooks is directly tied to your OS. 

It may not be possible for the Chromebook user after the expiration of Chrome OS. This means that after the expiration of Chrome OS your browser security was not much stronger.

Because of these problems, Chromebook users need a much longer lifespan from their devices. Thankfully Google has announced about their new project, dubbed Lacros, that aims to break chrome away from Chrome OS, making it possible to update your browser even if the Chromebook has reached its auto-update expiration (AUE).

Lacros  the name stands for Linux and Chrome OS(Linux And ChRome OS) which means that the team essentially adapted the Linux version of Chrome for the new package. 

It is designed to split the Chrome browser from Chrome OS. The Lacros view with some new features like virtual desktops and quick answers etc.

It seems that the Lacros will replace the Chrome browser to the Chromebook users. Chrome OS updates. 

Google’s Chrome team is now working on in Lacros project to release the browser as much as possible for the Chromebook user who are near to the expiration date of ChromeOS.

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