Facebook starts to testing short videos feature in-app

Facebook starts to testing short videos
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Facebook starts to testing “short videos” feature in-app

Facebook starts to testing “short videos” feature in-app. In Instagram already implemented short videos feature in-app that name is Reels but we can make only 15seconds video. Tik Tok bans in India and Proposed in the United States also. Actually Reels feature not famous most of the peoples because added only additional feature, not a separate app. Facebook also doing the same as the Instagram Reels feature. After the testing process completed this feature added in the Facebook app that time you have to update your app to the latest version it will be available for both android and ios.

Tik Tok is a popular one everyone knows and perfect UI interface. But most of the features failed in  Instagram Reels. The real challenge for Facebook you have to create an emotional and joyful experience like Tik Tok app.

Tik Tok Vs Reels 

Tik Tok

  • In Tik Tok Best Creator Tools
  • Short Video length 60 seconds
  • Perfect UI interface
  • Lip syncing videos perfect matching in Tik Tok
  • Easily you can search for videos related to your topic


  • Not good creator tools like tik tok
  • Short video length only 15 seconds
  • Worst UI interface
  • Lip syncing videos 3 secs delay
  • No, discover page on Reels

 Reels available only in four countries  Brazil, Germany, France, and India may be in future this feature available in most of the countries. In India only Tik Tok available 14 languages, Hindi, Gujarathi, etc., In tik tok lot of content creators daily they are creating and uploading videos and artists, who are searching to act in cine field they used this platform very effectively and also promote your brand and products.

Right row Reels do not replace Tik Tok because most of the features failed in Reels may be in the future they will possibly to change. 

Expecting from Facebook

My suggestion to Facebook don’t create short videos feature in-app you have to create a separate app for short videos its minimum 60 seconds length with best UI experience and added additional features compare with Tik Tok then only you have to popular in all over the world otherwise will check feedback from Facebook users.

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