Did You Ever Wondered How Much Is YouTube Earns Per Annum? :

YouTube Earns Per Annum
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Did You Ever Wondered How Much Is YouTube Earns Per Annum? 


Since YouTube is the subsidiary of the Parent company “Google”, we’ve never known how much is YouTube alone generating income. but recently Google revealed that “YouTube makes $15Billion a year” which means 1.1Lakh Crores in INR.huge isn’t it!. It’s parent company reports last quarter Revenue, from that it is clearly shown streamlined income from its popular video-sharing site has garnering users day by day.today it has over 2Billion users across the globe.


But the interesting fact is that YouTube is not a Google-developed project, instead, it bought YouTube from its founder for $1.65Billion in 2006. predominantly it makes revenue model from ads and promoting other brands. it roughly contributes Google’s 10% total revenue. in addition to that, there are more than 20 million premium users who enjoy music & videos with ad-free privileges. more than 2 million registered to it’s IPTV service. projected revenue of this subsidiary is predicted at about $23Billion in 2023.YouTube Earns Per Annum.


YouTube Earns Per Annum

YouTube’s high valued customers are some of the Media conglomerates and Acclaimed content creators such as NBC, Lionsgate Movies, MGM, Fox & Disney. Partnership with creators also a significant impact on its revenue model. The majority shares of advertisement of content creators go to YouTube about 35 to 45%. Copyright retaining and maintaining fee has been deducting separately from 2012 itself. AdSense is one of the Google services which mainly generating revenue from YouTube inheritance.

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