Apple Will Launch Own Search Engine Like Google

Apple Will Launch Own Search Engine Like Google
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Apple Will Launch Own Search Engine Like Google

For many years google pays its cost is $1.5 billion dollars to Apple to be the default search engine on Safari iOS,iPadOS, MacOS.The deal between Apple and Google it’s going to end soon.

The iOS,iPadOS, MacOS users search with google when they use Safari. if want to change the default search engine to other means manually it can change the default browser is Safari. 

The U.K Regulators take action, Regulators in Europe forced to remove default google search in Apple

Why Apple launch a own search engine

Due to Regulatory pressure and continuous relationship with google.Apple’s Siri and iCloud an opportunity for apple to create and launch a own search.

Apple Need Google Money?

Apple now one of the topmost company in the world. If need money google gives to them but apple doesn’t ask.

iOs and iPadOS 14 beta version bypasses google search engine with Spotlight search with the help of this to find the app, documents, and anything search on the web.

Apple’s major updates about Applebot it includes things relevant to Webmaster and SEO.Applebot busy right now for crawling sites.

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