AMD  RDNA2(Big Navi) GPU and Ryzen Zen3 CPU will be going to launch on October 28, 2020

AMD  RDNA2(Big Navi) GPU and Ryzen Zen3 CPU
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The AMD RDNA2 is the successor model to the RDNA! Microarchitecture. According to AMD RDNA2 is the refresh of the RDNA1 architecture. The Ryzen CPUs are based on Zen architecture.

Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs will include advanced new overclocking features and will also come in 10-core/20-thread flavors. It includes a Curve Optimizer and the Infinity Fabric dividers and 10-core SKUs, as AMD has upped the number of cores per CCX to 8.

Yuri Bubliy, the creator of the popular CTR overclocking software for the existing Ryzen 3000 desktop CPUs. He is expected to overclock. He stated that Zen3 is the first desktop having the feature curve optimizer.

AMD implemented 8 cores per CCX, reserving the possibility to deactivate a set number of cores for different SKUs. if this is the case, we could be seeing 10 cores on the Ryzen 7 4700/4800 models.

 RDNA2 will be used in next-generation gaming consoles and PC graphics cards code-named “Navi 2X”(Big Navi).

Navi is the codename for AMD’s upcoming GPU architecture, based on 7nm Vega 2 architecture, and it is set to replace the Polaris and 5th Gen Graphics Core Next (GCN) architectures that you’ll find in the company’s current Radeon, Radeon RX, and vega lines of graphics cards

AMD president and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su posted a video about RDNA2 yesterday. With the caption “It’s going to be an exciting fall for gamers..time to start a new journey with @AMDRyzen Zen3 and @Radeon RDNA2…” at the end of the video they announced the release date that they stated, “A new journey begins October 8”. 

Dr. Lisa Su previously confirmed select Big Navi GPUs will be 4K-capable and support high-end features such as ray tracing, making them direct competitors to Nvidia Ampere.

AMD RDNA2 will be the graphics architecture behind both the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5

With different features.

It seems that AMD RDNA2 competities with Nvidia RTX 3080.

AMD Big Navi / Navi 2x Assumed Specifications:


Navi 21
Graphics Card Model
RX 6900 XT (assumed)
RX 6800 XT (assumed)
Transistors (billion)
Die Size (mm^2)
Upto 80
Upto 64 (assumed)
GPU cores
Max Clock (MHz)
VRAM Speed (MT/s)
Bus width
Bandwidth (GB/s)

It seems like AMD is a challenge to Nvidia AMpere for the graphics card crown.

Assumed Specification of Ryzen Zen 3:

It should allow for a potential 20% increase in transistor density while lowering power consumption by 10%.

It improved in the 7nm+ process and would also offer new chips with higher clock speeds while maintaining lower power consumption.

It also comes with an 8% to 10% increase in IPC (instruction-per-clock).

It allows single core can handle four threads(eg:4 core/16 thread CPU or 16 core/64 thread CPU)

A new leak was rumored the AMD’s Zen 3-based Ryzen 9 4950X CPU with 16 core, 32 thread a 4.8GHz boost clock. If it exists, ii will beat the intel.

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