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Bharti Airtel launched the advanced cybersecurity solution for business customers called Airtel Secure on 30th September in New Delhi. With this service, the company aims to offer customers with access to advanced technology with Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to mitigate against the potential threats.

During the announcement, the company also said that it will invest Rs 100 crore in a Security Intelligence Centre in the National Capital Region. It will offer tracking services to all businesses 24/7.

According to Airtel, it ranks fifth largest network market globally when it comes to incidents of cyber-attacks and frauds. As per the statement, the Indian cyber-security market is expected to cross $13 billion by 2025

Partnership with leading Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions Companies :

The Airtel Secure plan provides the customers with endpoint protection, email protection cloud DDOS protection, and more to provide this feature the airtel has partnered with Cisco, Radware,

VMWare and Forcepoint. The companies which are leading in providing cybersecurity tools.

Cisco :

Airtel will lead to a wide range of cutting-edge security solutions, which will help secure networks, endpoints, applications, and the cloud with the partnership with Cisco.

Being partnered with Cisco, Airtel will provide its customers with access to advanced monitoring, analysis, and investigation of malicious code.

It allows customers to protect their interests in an automated manner and reduces their technology-CAPEX investment, and maximizes efficiency.

Radware :

With the partnership with Radware, the airtel has the ability to set up the first global data scrubbing center in India. It will ensure that all threats to data and information are attacked and eliminated at the source. Thus protecting all of its customer’s data.

During the announcement, the company also stated that Flipkart, Havell’s, Fidelity India, R-Systems, and more have already signed up for the service. The Airtel Secure is now live in India and over one million Airtel business customers can sign up for it.

Airtel Secure is a three-fold protective service available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

First of threefold protective services includes :

Mobile repairs in case of accidents or liquid damage.

Doorstep device pick-up and delivery.

Service available for all major mobile brands smartphone.

The Airtel Secure Plan covers most of the repair costs. The customer only needs to pay around 5 percent of the repair charge. 

The customer can raise the claimed maximum of two during the membership with Airtel Secure.

The customer needs to claim within 48 hours of discovering the damage to Airtel.

The second of threefold protective services include:

Anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing web protection.

Spam calls and text blocker.

Remotely locks and wipes the personal information on your lost or stolen device.

Intrusive adware app advisor and privacy advisor.AIRTEL INTRODUCES A CYBERSECURITY

Support for Android and iOS devices.

For these benefits, the customer needs to install Norton Mobile Security Application.

The last one of the threefold protective services includes:

Cloud storage:

The customer can backup their important and personal files including documents, photos, videos, etc can backup in cloud storage, it will be available up to 2 GB.

It will be secured in Airtel’s Cloud Servers.

The Airtel Secure Plan subscription is available in two forms one for Rs 49 per month

and the other for Rs 79 per month. The value of subscription will be pre-determined by Airtel based on the device you use.AIRTEL INTRODUCES A CYBERSECURITY

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